Tuesday, March 10, 2015

No Challenge Too Difficult

One big thing Parkinson's disease has taught me, and continues to teach me, is that no challenge is too hard to face. There are two facets to this: First, even the most minor tasks of daily life can present seemingly insurmountable difficulties. Second, I really do face certain health, logistical and financial issues that would be considered very difficult and intractable even for someone with normal body functioning. Yet, the fact of living carries me forward to face these challenges whether I wish to, or believe that I can, or not.

By being forced to grapple with them, I oftentimes discover that my beliefs about what I'm capable of, even with the constraints the disease places upon my capacity to function, are not objectively real. If I can have an attitude of curiosity, exploration and discovery, it is easier (or at least more fun) to do even the difficult things. I make a lot of mistakes, but life seems to provide endless opportunities. So even when I mess it up, there's another chance.