Monday, June 1, 2015

Groovin' in Tune with Our Own Tune

Being in Tune with Our Own Tune

We all need to, like, totally chill, and just find our own tune, and Groove to it . . . We run around like chickens without heads . . .’Cause we're tryin' to groove to someone else’s tune . . .

Can we just relax, and be in tune with our own tune?! It's stressful to live out of tune with our own song, our own instrument, our own paintbrush, or our quantum theory, or our way of arranging words . . .or way of making love, or way of reaching out from our islands of isolation and connecting with others . . . There are so many different means of expression. ‘Cause there are so many kinds of people...

...And when we're out of tune with our own tune, we go around leaking
(or spewing) stress, instead of sharing our love and the things about us that make us uniquely us . . . Don't worry about other people taking your goodness, or your heart, or what you have in you that is YOUR unique mission on earth to share; ‘Cause nobody can share it better than you!!

It doesn't matter if you're so physically bound up in your own body that you can't move a muscle;
Or so emotionally wounded that you're terrified to get out of bed, and facing another human being is an act so brave it makes the 12 tasks of Hercules look like nothing;
You still have it . . . It's still there, within you . . . that special something that makes you, you...and it's waiting for you to express it through your hands, your movements, your mind, your heart, your voice;
Or through or through a tiny sip of air, that powers a switch, that lets you, with such graceful slowness, express it one letter or symbol or braille bump at a time . . .

Can we, perhaps, find out who and what we actually are? And further, can we then share it with the straightforwardness, the kind of lack of pretense with which the birds or howler monkeys say their thing?